Hope tge dirty terrorist police officers aren't there to need help in Mercer county district

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Looks like we need to get the Kentucky law enforcement committee down to the Mercer county district and investigate every certified police officers in the district or ever has been in the district and we might get something more than torchered tormented and terrorized and the law enforcement frame you for people terrorizin you can we get the Kentucky Law enforcement committee down to the Mercer county district and investigate every police officer in the district or has been in the district and I believe you'll find your answer to the entire problem in Kentucky the whole problem I bet you will get by investigating this district of Mercer county this will tie in your whole problem in ky crystal Rogers disappearance and everything

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* Z Do you love our messages wherever you hop this is where it goes, . They're picking on me again just because. I'm sorry I know I'm a pain and I know that everybody now knows that all these fake friends of mine are me! When they shot my Danny dead I thought the world came to an end so I made up all these people on here I don't really have a friend just me but I made up some names like idiotRu U moron Texas Pete Uncle sniffer dr. Digger foghorn Leghorn Nancy Amanda USMC porthole Pete. Sara and more on here but it made me feel like I was special and I do miss my Danny I used to sing to him all the time "You're my inspiration" and I only put a dress on when I'm as Amanda are Nancy or sara my uncle is a sniffer used to sniff me all the time I miss him he died too now all I got is my finger to sniff so please don't pick on me no more and you always know that when somebody comes on your wall that it's just me with another name because there is no one else on here so don't pick on me it's just a habit I can't break I hold the Crossville forum private so no one can comment on me come by the lake tansi forum in Tennessee Crossville and look how bad they kicked my ass there all the time and it almost making me cry

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